Rack Safety Tips

Pallet rack failure can be catastrophic, cause incredible product and property damage, and can even be lethal in some cases. There are some things you need to do in order to ensure your racking is kept in safe operating parameters.
Know the capacity – When your racking system is installed, it is rated for capacity based on its configuration and manufacturing process. Be sure your forklift operators know the capacity. If you change ANYTHING about your racking, be sure to have it re-rated.
Be sure there is adequate aisle space between racking – This seems logical and is usually taken into consideration, but often times, tolerances are narrow and changing equipment such as lift trucks can impact a forklift’s ability to retrieve and balance loads. Be sure to take this into consideration when purchasing new equipment.
Protect your racking – Use column protectors and guard rails to keep racking from being damaged. Inspect your racking frequently, and if you find any damage, contact a professional for assessment and repair/replacement if necessary.
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