Is Your Facility Ready for Disaster?

We place a great deal of emphasis on what we feel are important facets of forklift fleet operation. Planned Maintenance maximizes productivity, lowers overall operating costs and reduces accidents, thereby increasing safety. We also believe operator training is key to keeping your facility costs down due to injury, product damage and loss.

In light of the recent devastation caused by an EF-5 tornado that cut a 1.3 mile swath through Moore, Oklahoma many have asked “what if that happened here?”  Do you have an emergency response plan in place?  Is there a designated tornado shelter in your facility, and more important, do employees know where it is?

Having a preparedness and recovery strategy in place could mean the difference between limiting the costly down time after a disaster or closing the doors forever, especially if it is a smaller business. The following article by Katie Tucker of Rolyn Companies, Inc., a nationwide property disaster recovery & restoration company out of Rockville, Maryland is an excellent resource for disaster preparedness and how to develop a plan for your facility.

Download “Disaster Ready” by Rolyn Companies.